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Today’s article will be a “Property Management Firm Fairfax VA Spotlight” on one of the leaders in the industry, WJD Management. If you have not heard of this firm before, it is located at 3829 Plaza Drive in Fairfax which is not far from University Drive. Their office is open Monday through Friday from 10 a..m. to 4 p.m.

23As with any business, a firm is only as good as those in charge of it. WJD Management is led by Director of Communications Gina Talotta. Talotta earned her M.B.A. from Avila University and is certified to be a tax consultant for H&R Block. Gina is also in charge of posting rent and paying various related bills. WJD Management also employs a variety of other individuals from maintenance managers, property inspectors, principal brokers, and leasing managers.

In order to get started with renting out your property with WJD Management, you must follow the company’s introductory process. First, the firm suggests you read their website to get a feel for the company and view sample copies of the various agreements that will be involved in the process. Once you’re ready, the owner should visit their Rental Market Analysis page. Once you have completed and submitted the Rental Market Analysis form, WJD Management sends a custom assessment of the rental value of the property you are trying to rent out. Once you receive and review the assessment, the firm recommends that you contact Gina Talotta (mentioned above) in order to lock your property into their management program. After Gina answers any possible questions you may have, the owner must fill out WJD Management’s agreement form and pay their account reserve fee. After the account is all set up, all you have to do is fill out a property management24 information form, review the vacating recommendations checklist and fill out the IRS W-9 and Lead Paint Disclosure forms. After your rental property is in WJD Management’s hands, all you have to pay is the agreed upon monthly fee. They also provide a useful bonus of a thorough property inspection every six months after the initial agreement is signed.

It seems like WJD Management’s customers are also very fond and impressed with the services that the firm provides them. Some reviews on their Yelp page rave about the responsiveness of the firm and accessibility of the staff. However, there are a few negative remarks about their online maintenance request system and their other digital offerings. Overall, it is clear that WJD Management is one of the property management leaders in Fairfax and is clearly worthy of a “Property Management Firm Fairfax VA Spotlight.”

Langley is one city that has grown so fast, and investors here would not even think of investing in real estate without a property management company.

The real estate firms in this city have the relevant experience that is needed to deliver a blend of value-added management services through all the development stages. Here are some of the capabilities of property management companies in Langley.

s3They Come Up With The Conceptual Design

Starting at the phase of conceptual design, these property management companies in Langley provides various assistance to property owners, developers and architects with development and design planning, and organizing marketing analysis of different areas so that a right target market can be determined.

Other things that they also help in identifying are the vacancy rates, average rents, desired amenities, and pipeline projects. The property management companies in Langley can also determine site layouts, the floor plan, the appropriate unit mixes, as well as development of marketing, lease-up schedules, and expense & expense projections.

Marketing & Lease-Up

This is one of the many capabilities of property management companies in Langley. In a way to leverage the power of third-party and in-house creative teams, the real estate companies in Langley are capable of developing and even executing several engaging and strategic campaigns.

These campaigns are always targeted to the special target market of the property. They also offer expertise in direction and brand concept, advertorial design, online and print collateral, and development of a high-quality website for the property.

The property management firms in Langley are also capable of offering community outreach and networking, event planning, and social media analytics and management.

They Monitor All Operations.

The companies are also capable of providing all the ongoing apartment management services that include creation of resident retention programming, constant improvement and assessment of all leasing efforts, and a pre-leasing of units once the notice has been issued.

The property management companies in the city of Langley also carry out a serious financial management program alongside physical inspections done on a weekly basis. These and other professional maintenance services will ensure that the property’s value is preserved and strengthened.


This is another important factor and a reason why you need a professional property management company to manage your Langley property. The companies are also capable of monitoring and maintaining compliance with the available state regulations and financial requirements as the public finance services.

Among various services that these companies are able to conduct are

  • Yearly financial audits,
  • Resident file,
  • Annual management’s reviews, and
  • Administer a thorough inspection of units and sites.

The Management Of The Assets4

This is one of the common capabilities of property management companies in Langley. They offer responsible performance on all the properties. The companies have a meticulous custodial service that emphasizes on long and short-term property planning and strategy development.

They Are Capable Of Collecting Rent Efficiently

This appears to be one the most obvious task that a property management company is supposed to be doing. These companies will ensure that the rent is collected in real time and defaulters are dealt with according to the law.

These are some of the capabilities of property management companies in Langley, and why you need them to manage your property.

It’s not always easy being a property owner. Answering constant phones calls from tenants, fixing clogged drains and broken air conditioners, all while managing finances and bookkeeping can send any landlord into a tizzy, wishing everyone would just leave them alone for a while.

mm8However, with almost fifty percent of housing in Arlington, VA being rental units and with almost eleven percent of those units being vacant, it’s imperative for a landlord to address every issue that comes along. Renters are fickle and there is never a sense of loyalty for a renter to stay somewhere that doesn’t feel right.

Why Tenants Leave

There are many reasons why tenants leave and not all can be controlled by the property owner. Outgrowing the space, relocating for a job, or losing income are just a few reasons out of a landlords control.

However, unresponsive to tenant phone calls or delaying needed repairs, are also reasons why tenants leave and these are reasons that are completely in the control of the property owner. Renters want to make sure that the money they are spending each month on rent gives them the home they deserve. A home that is well-maintained and a landlord who is always available is what keeps tenants happy and willing to stay.

What Can You Do?

It’s understandable that property owners are busy people. There aren’t always enough hours in the day to address all your tenants concerns. Besides the bookkeeping aspect of the job, a landlord has to be available, almost 24 hours per day. They must address the concerns of the tenant and they must never delay a needed repair. This doesn’t leave much time for spending with the family and friends and enjoying your own life

A professional property management in Arlington, Va is the answer. Property management companies act in your place by answering phone calls in a timely manner, making needed repairs without delay, finding good, qualified tenants to fill vacancies and much more. If there is ever a need to file an eviction notice, a good property management company will take your place and make sure that all goes smooth.

It’s Not Rocket Sciencemm9

Renting out units and keeping tenants happy is not rocket science, but it does take time that some landlords just don’t have. If you’re having a hard time keeping tenants; finding good tenants to fill vacancies; or unable to make repairs in a timely manner, it is time to consider hiring a professional property management company to help.

Trying to do it alone will only cause hardship to your tenants, leaving you with another vacancy to fill. Consider what a property management company can do for you. Keeping tenants happy will keep them in the unit while allowing more time for you. A vacant unit is an income loss that no landlord can afford. Contact a professional management company today for a better tomorrow.

Everyone wants to have the American dream of living in the home of their dreams, and for some, that means renting a property. This is a godsend for homeowners who plan to rent out one of their properties for an extra source of income, but many homeowners just put that property on the market to sell rather than rent because of the headaches that come from being a landlord. That is where a Northern Virginia property management company can come in to save the day.

m1Typical Reasons People Don’t Rent Out Their Property

There are several reasons that are stopping many people from taking that leap into making money on their property by renting it out rather than selling.

Getting Tenants

The first is trying to find the rent tenants to move into your property without your property sitting vacant too long. This means that your property isn’t paying for itself, and some worry that if they rush this process, they may end up with bad tenants. Many property owners are unsure how to go about vetting the right people to move in and do so in a timely fashion. Plus, knowing the right amount to charge can be tricky, as well.

Getting Monthly Rent

In addition, most people just don’t want to deal with money and other people. It can be a very frustrating circumstance because many Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck, and no one wants to feel like the bad guy in having to request rent money from the nice family that is living on the property. It can feel uncomfortable to have to deal with this aspect, and even if the tenants are never late, it’s still a concern for many potential landlords.

Handling Upkeep

Not only is having to deal with getting the rent taken care of on a monthly basis a roadblock for people like yourself, but there is also the upkeep that has to be considered. Many people stop short of being a landlord because they don’t want to have to get calls about a plumbing leak or a broken furnace. This can seem like a total hassle in having to be responsible for repairs. Plus, many people may not be aware of what responsibilities are the owners and which are the renters.

Dealing With Bad Tenants

Not only are there the things that can break in a rental property, but there is also the consideration of bad tenants. What if the tenants don’t mow the lawn regularly enough and the home gets citations from the city? How can an inexperienced or busy landlord ensure that their property is not damaged or neglected by the renters? These are just additional reasons that people may pass by the opportunity of renting their property.m2

Benefits of a Northern Virginia Property Management Company

The good news is that there is a way that you can have all of the benefits of being a landlord in getting extra income coming in every month without all of the headaches and hassles that come from renting out your property. That is by using a Northern Virginia property management company.

A property management company will handle all of these tasks that are stopping you from putting your home up for rent. You won’t have to find tenants. They will help you price it so that you get a fair amount that the market will bear. They will handle getting the monthly rent checks. They will help guide you with maintenance issues from normal wear and tear on the home to tenants that are causing problems.

Contact us for more information on how a property management firm can help.

Managing tenants living in one or more of your real estate properties is a herculean task that requires lots of time, patience, and willingness to follow best practices for renting, maintenance, and tenant comfort. If you’d like for someone else to handle all the landlord duties for you, a rental management company can relieve you of this burden. Since these companies range in quality, the following guidelines for hiring the best property management companies in Santa Monica are a great way to select top-tier choices.

j1Are They Able to Handle More Properties?

Property management companies range in size, and you want to find out if it has the capability to take on additional properties. This can be determined by asking what number of employees it has managing units and then finding out the number of units each employee manages on a regular basis. Be wary of companies that stretch employees too thin by assigning too many units to one person. Your property can be mismanaged due to neglect.

They Don’t Compete for Tenants

There are management companies that own properties, and ones that don’t own any properties. You may be tempted to pick the company that owns properties thinking it’s good to hire a fellow landlord. In this case, it’s best to select a company that doesn’t directly compete with you for tenants and management time. Non-landlord companies can focus 100-percent of their efforts on finding tenants for your properties. Alternatively, landlord companies may choose to fill their vacancies first.

Look Closely at Rent Collection Fees

Management companies usually charge landlords a percentage of the rent collected for units. Make sure the company isn’t insisting that you pay them a fee for unoccupied units. It may be hidden in the numbers, so ask for a breakdown of their rental fees. Don’t get tricked into wasting money. Companies should be transparent about their rental fees.

Good Quality Automation

Automation software is used by most property management companies, and the reason why is it makes the management task easier and faster. Ideally, you want to hire a company using the best quality software. When a company invests in great software, it cares about offering a high level of efficiency to clients.

Formal Property Inspectionsj2

Conducting routine property inspections are crucial to your bottom line. Well-maintained properties attract quality tenants, and you’ll collect higher rents. Find out if the company does routine inspections as part of the general contract, and how often they do those inspections. Some companies charge extra for inspections, and this shows it wants to tack on fees for doing a basic task.

Finding and hiring the best property management company in the Santa Monica area is much easier when you look at the company’s size, the number of employees, the level of experience, reliability, and fairness. Ask probing questions until you’re satisfied with the answers, and you should also feel comfortable with its management style before making a final selection.

If you’re unsure about using a property management company, you should keep reading. In this blog post I’ll give you some of the important details regarding managing your own properties, and how using a property management firm can help alleviate the problems. Managing properties can be overwhelming. When your properties are somewhere other than where you live, you have to rent your homes out to strangers. Luckily, there are some Irvine dddproperty management companies that can help make this job easier for you. Without a property management company, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time performing house repairs and worrying over the needs of your tenants. Sometimes when you want to take a vacation with your family or go to a fourth of July barbecue, you’ll have to take a pass to work on your house instead. You won’t get the nice feeling that comes with performing house repairs, and you’ll just want to finish the work as soon as possible.

A property management company costs money, so it’s no surprise that property owners initially try to take care of their own properties. Once you’ve spent a while breaking your back while trying to figure out the best way to manage your properties, you’ll probably want to look into hiring a property management company. You might start out by hiring a resident manager, someone who will live close to the properties and will be able to attend to the needs of the tenants and perform house repairs. Once the resident manager starts contacting you regularly to ask for your opinion about issues or mention that he needs a higher operating budget, you’ll start thinking twice about having a resident manager. Not only that but what will you do when you get two or three houses? Will your resident manager take care of all of them? How about four or five? Time to hire more resident managers – but then you have to watch over a team of employees and you’re going to have to struggle through the issues related to managing employees. Problems in the family, personal issues, attitude problems, etcetera. If you don’t satisfy your rental managers, then you can’t be sure that they’ll be taking good care of your property. Even thinking about the possibility of all these problems is exhausting, and that’s not why you ddd1wanted to become a landlord!

Feel free to bypass all those problems. By using an Irvine property management company, you’ll have a right hand business that can navigate the troubled waters of ownership. We’ll highlight some of the great benefits of a property management company, and how they can help you. A property management company will be traceable online. Because of past dealings with customers, transactions, and past properties managed, Irvine property management companies can be well researched. On top of that, it will be easy to get ahold of a professional property management company, whenever you need to. The companies are going to have in-roads to insurance companies which will allow you to bypass complicated policies that don’t fit your needs. It’s not a tough puzzle to solve, a property management company is the right choice to make. Don’t feel like it’s an impossible task, hiring the right property management company will alleviate the troubles associated with managing your own properties.

Becoming a landlord is a great achievement by any standards. However, sometimes, landlords can become overwhelmed by all the activities involved in managing a property. Things can get especially tough for a landlord drmywhen they have more than one property to handle in the same or different locations. This is where a property management company comes in handy because it will give you as the landlord the much-needed peace of mind by undertaking all the responsibilities that the task of property management encompasses. These services include maintenance, screening of tenants, collecting rent, legal matters among others.

San Diego, California is a nice place to own property because rent rates are consistently high. Also, the area attracts many residents due to its warm climate, beautiful culture, closeness to water and presence of numerous sports teams most of whom are high-quality tenants. To cash in on the lucrative real estate market, landlords must ensure that the managing of their property is in the care of an experienced property manager. Finding a good property management firm to handle the affairs of your property in San Diego is prudent because has many laws and a landlord might not have the experience and resources to deal with all the different things that are involved in the process. Here is a guide to San Diego property management firm that every landlord should be well versed with to optimize their profits.

The most important thing you should do when you decide to enlist the services of a property management firm in San Diego is to find the firm that has your best interests at heart. There are many firms which purport to be offering the best services; the trick is to single out a good property management firm that you can entrust with your investment. The first step in doing so will be to search online. Overlook the advertisements and focus on organic search results because they show companies that have been in business for a long time which are more likely to offer quality services than those that do not make it to the first page of Google.

Once you have narrowed down to the companies of interest, go through their websites and assess reputation. Give the website a quick glance and see if it is visually appealing and whether its content is well written. A serious company will take the time to edit its content, offer informative content and thus protect its image. Also look for Google reviews to get an idea of how the company is perceived by other clients and check its list of properties to assess whether it handles property that is similar to yours.

Lastly, pick out the best companies in your list and schedule interviews with the managers. Write down questions that you should ask during the interview such as the cost and fees involved, the types of properties they manage, how they do screening and marketing, how long the company has been operating and how often they will be updating you on the operations of your property among others. Later, you can invite them to your property and showdream them around. Remember to ask for a copy of the contract before you start working together to ensure that you are aware of all the charges that you are expected to pay and that the contract is fair to both parties.

Other things to look for when trying to distinguish a good property management firm from mediocre ones include finding out whether the company has competent and reliable employees. Also, you should research whether the company’s manager has a good track record regarding integrity, adherence to laws and regulations related to land and property as well as tax returns. The manager should also be verified as safe to hire in that they have The Prime Buyer’s Report-TOP 10 symbol and have also passed also the requirements needed for the status. Also, note that the cheapest property management firm in San Diego does that always mean it is the best.

Ideally, following this guide to San Diego property management firm will help landlords navigate the murky waters of hiring a property management company in a new territory.

In Alexandria, Virginia, property management companies are required to adhere to the laws outlined by the state. Below are four of the most important rules to keep in mind as you shop for a suitable property management company.


In the state of Virginia, property managers must have a real estate broker’s license in order to rent/offer for rent, or lease/offer for lease any real estate or improvement thereof. Salespersons are not required to hold a license, and may work under a broker. Regular, salaried employees of property owners are also exempt from the licensing requirement as long at their involvement is limited to showing units, accepting security deposits, rent, and applications, and providing factual information about the lease.

The Security Deposit

Landlords and property management companies are allowed to require a maximum security deposit equal to or less than 2 month’s rent. There is no mandate for a property management service to hold the security deposit in a separate account or apply interest of any kind to the deposit. They must, however return the security within 45 days of the termination of the lease, and keep their records for two years

Fees, the Lease, & Rent

In addition to the security deposit, applicants may be required to pay a non-refundable application fee for screening purposes as well as a holding deposit. If, after paying the deposit, an applicant fails to rent the property, the landlord must return the deposit, less expenses and damages within 20 days. Cash, cashier’s check, postal money order, and certified check payments must be refunded within 10 days if the landlord rejects the application.10

Tenants may prepay rent, but the money immediately goes to an escrow account in a federally insured depository in Virginia by the end of the fifth business day following receipt until the prepaid rent becomes due. Returned checks can incur a $50 fee in addition to collection costs and attorney’s fees. In the event that a landlord fails to provide essential services such as water and heat, tenants, with notice, of course may place rent monies into escrow until matters are resolved.

Notices and Entry

Both property managers and landlords are required to maintain clear communication with tenants via timely notices. At least 3 months prior to the end of a yearly lease, and 30 days prior to a month to month lease tenants should be notified. They are also entitled to timely notifications regarding lease termination for nonpayment or lease violation, and entry into the property.
While there are many other rules to think about when considering property management, these are a few of the most critical areas on which tenants should focus question early on. If there are clear rule violations prior to renting, it may be a good idea to continue your search elsewhere.

There is a lot of work that goes into being a property manager anywhere that this type of business exists, especially in a large area like Washington D.C. A property managing company has to have the right skills for effective property management in Washington D.C. The services that a property management company offers their clients is very important.

9A well-rounded and professional property management business has services for all people that desire to be property managers. For people that own or are investing in residential property, they will help them lease their single-family, condo, or multi-family property. They also provide marketing and leasing services. Property management companies in Washington work with local homeowner’s associations as well. They also help commercial property owners by being totally devoted and giving their property the proper attention and devotion that their business deserves. There is a very detailed process that a property management does when they are working with their clients.

Property management businesses get a property ready to be rent and determine what the rent should be. The rental price is determined by a rental mapping system and utilizing outside resources that they have access to. They compare the rental prices of properties that are similar, what the features of the property are, and what condition it is in. A successful property management business also tries to focus on who their potential renters may be.

People that want to lease their property should employ a property management because they are knowledgeable in their field and they know the market. They have what it takes to create a marketing campaign for their property and put it into action. They utilize advanced marketing tools and scheduling automation to promptly take care of the tenants that they serve. Right after a property owner employs them, they start their marketing campaign. After their clients marketing campaign is in order, they help them screen and select tenants.

Another service provided by a property management company is a fully detailed credit, criminal, employment, and reference check for every potential tenant. The high-tech technology that is used ensures that all property owners that employ a property management business get tenants that are highly qualified. No matter what a property owners leasing requirements are, property management businesses ensures that their needs are fully met during the whole process. A property management company also handles the details of a tenant moving in and any issues arrive after they move in.

A property management company uses the latest in technology to properly document what condition a rental property is in prior to a tenant moving in. Then they make sure that the tenant follows the terms of their lease, takes care of lease renewals, tells tenants when they are breaking conditions of their lease, and gives them late notices when they are late paying their rent. A professional property management company also ensures that the rental properties owned by their clients are always in good condition and profitable.10

Professional property management businesses take great care to ensure that their clients rental properties get the repairs and maintenance that they require. They utilize the services of vendors, contractors, and their own maintenance staff to fix small problems before they turn into big ones and also regularly perform improvements on a client’s property to increase the value of their investment. Lastly, they provide financial statements to show their what money was spent on the property and what profit they are making from their properties. These statements are provided monthly and once a year for tax purposes.

Loyalty, great marketing skills, finding the right tenants, property maintenance and upkeep, and ensuring that tenants follow the guidelines of their lease are what a professional property manager offers their clients especially in the D.C. area. They are absolutely devoted to their clients and will do all they can to keep them happy and help them take care of their rental properties.

Property Management

Have you ever considered a career as a property manager? This career path is definitely not for everyone. However, it is a solid career choice in a growing field. This means that once established, property managers have a good level of job security as well opportunities for growth and advancement. Jobs are usually easy to find and secure for qualified individuals with a degree, experience or both.

Columbia Property management carries some unexpected challenges. It also has a variety of unique benefits. The right individual will find this career rewarding and will be well equipped to handle the variety of tasks that property managers are required to complete. Before considering a career in this field an individual should carefully examine the position and its requirements to be sure that this job is a good fit. The many demands of this job can prove overwhelming some individuals. The right individual will be able to complete a variety of diverse tasks and will be available all hours.

What exactly is a property manager?

Basically, a property manager takes care of a property. This means that they manage all vital elements of this property including: maintenance, finances, tenants, customer relations, and emergencies. While all tasks are not necessarily completed by the property manager directly, the manager is required to oversee and coordinate these and other needed tasks for the property.

Property managers are often employed by apartment complexes, rental agencies, and businesses with extensive property holdings. Sometimes, they oversee one singular property while other property managers will have stewardship over multiple properties. It all depends on the size of the property and level of care desired.

What type of education and training is required?

Managers generally are college educated and have a degree. A degree, however, is no way a requirement for the position. Experience in related fields can compensate for a lack of education. Any experience in management, finance, repair or related subjects will prove useful to a property manager as they undergo daily tasks. Much job training will come on the job. Some property managers take courses in addition to on the job training to further hone their skills.

Most property management in Columbia professionals begin their career as assistant manager and learn the field while helping a current property manager with their daily tasks.

There is potential for advancement in this field. Many managers start in the field in smaller, lower-paying jobs. However, as experience grows they are able to secure more complex positions and manage more expensive properties. This generally results in an increase in compensation and associated benefits.

What is the schedule like?

This job is a job that knows no schedule. Emergencies will happen at all hours, and a manager will need to be available to fix them. This field is likely not a good fit for someone who would be unable to wake up in the middle of the night for a problem. Potential tenants will typically work a traditional schedule and will require property showings during evening and weekend hours. Repair and maintenance crews typically work during the day. This complex schedule will result in very non-traditional hours.

Managers need to be ready to work at all times. When an emergency situation arises, they need to remain calm and collected to help the issue resolve. Tenants will call at all of the day and night with problems and complaints. Visit their official website for more updates.

Are there any special skills a property manager should possess?

A calm disposition under pressure is essential. Managers work with a variety of people in many situations. They need to be able to calmly negotiate fees with contractors, kindly resolve customer complaints, and explain leases and legal issues to potential tenants. Each of these situations can be complex and requires a strong set of people skills.

Property managers also have to be able to handle pressure. They are responsible for collecting unpaid rent and resolving tenant complaints. They also act as a salesperson for the property when new tenants are needed. This position requires an adaptive personality that can handle a variety of situations and changes. They must be able to multi-task and quickly change tasks as needed.

Property Management

How is the work environment?

A property manager will have the opportunity to work both in and out of an office. Some tasks like bookkeeping will occur in the office. Other tasks like property inspections will occur out of the office. This is a good position for someone looking for variety and the opportunity to move around. Some managers oversee properties alone. Others work with a team. The work environment will largely be determined by the specific needs of the assignment. Visit my latest blog posted at http://www.burbankcaproperty.com/tips-hiring-competent-property-manager-columbia/

What is typical compensation?

While property management isn’t the best paying job around, it does pay well. The average salary for managers is around $46,000. The US Department of Labor reports that half of the property managers in the United States are compensated in the range of $31,730 to $68,770. Property management professionals also generally get employment perks like free rent, especially when managing an apartment complex. Vehicle compensation is also commonly provided when the position requires extensive use of a personal car.

They work hard for their money and often work long hours or overtime. Managers are constantly on call. They are often understaffed, and required to pick up any work that is not accomplished.

Is property management the career for me?

Property management is a demanding career field. However, the right individual will find the position rewarding and ever changing. Before accepting a position in this field, carefully evaluate yourself to be sure that you are ready for the challenge. Determine whether you possess or are willing to develop the variety of skills that property management pros do every day.