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Everyone wants to have the American dream of living in the home of their dreams, and for some, that means renting a property. This is a godsend for homeowners who plan to rent out one of their properties for an extra source of income, but many homeowners just put that property on the market to sell rather than rent because of the headaches that come from being a landlord. That is where a Northern Virginia property management company can come in to save the day.

m1Typical Reasons People Don’t Rent Out Their Property

There are several reasons that are stopping many people from taking that leap into making money on their property by renting it out rather than selling.

Getting Tenants

The first is trying to find the rent tenants to move into your property without your property sitting vacant too long. This means that your property isn’t paying for itself, and some worry that if they rush this process, they may end up with bad tenants. Many property owners are unsure how to go about vetting the right people to move in and do so in a timely fashion. Plus, knowing the right amount to charge can be tricky, as well.

Getting Monthly Rent

In addition, most people just don’t want to deal with money and other people. It can be a very frustrating circumstance because many Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck, and no one wants to feel like the bad guy in having to request rent money from the nice family that is living on the property. It can feel uncomfortable to have to deal with this aspect, and even if the tenants are never late, it’s still a concern for many potential landlords.

Handling Upkeep

Not only is having to deal with getting the rent taken care of on a monthly basis a roadblock for people like yourself, but there is also the upkeep that has to be considered. Many people stop short of being a landlord because they don’t want to have to get calls about a plumbing leak or a broken furnace. This can seem like a total hassle in having to be responsible for repairs. Plus, many people may not be aware of what responsibilities are the owners and which are the renters.

Dealing With Bad Tenants

Not only are there the things that can break in a rental property, but there is also the consideration of bad tenants. What if the tenants don’t mow the lawn regularly enough and the home gets citations from the city? How can an inexperienced or busy landlord ensure that their property is not damaged or neglected by the renters? These are just additional reasons that people may pass by the opportunity of renting their property.m2

Benefits of a Northern Virginia Property Management Company

The good news is that there is a way that you can have all of the benefits of being a landlord in getting extra income coming in every month without all of the headaches and hassles that come from renting out your property. That is by using a Northern Virginia property management company.

A property management company will handle all of these tasks that are stopping you from putting your home up for rent. You won’t have to find tenants. They will help you price it so that you get a fair amount that the market will bear. They will handle getting the monthly rent checks. They will help guide you with maintenance issues from normal wear and tear on the home to tenants that are causing problems.

Contact us for more information on how a property management firm can help.

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