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Today’s article will be a “Property Management Firm Fairfax VA Spotlight” on one of the leaders in the industry, WJD Management. If you have not heard of this firm before, it is located at 3829 Plaza Drive in Fairfax which is not far from University Drive. Their office is open Monday through Friday from 10 a..m. to 4 p.m.

23As with any business, a firm is only as good as those in charge of it. WJD Management is led by Director of Communications Gina Talotta. Talotta earned her M.B.A. from Avila University and is certified to be a tax consultant for H&R Block. Gina is also in charge of posting rent and paying various related bills. WJD Management also employs a variety of other individuals from maintenance managers, property inspectors, principal brokers, and leasing managers.

In order to get started with renting out your property with WJD Management, you must follow the company’s introductory process. First, the firm suggests you read their website to get a feel for the company and view sample copies of the various agreements that will be involved in the process. Once you’re ready, the owner should visit their Rental Market Analysis page. Once you have completed and submitted the Rental Market Analysis form, WJD Management sends a custom assessment of the rental value of the property you are trying to rent out. Once you receive and review the assessment, the firm recommends that you contact Gina Talotta (mentioned above) in order to lock your property into their management program. After Gina answers any possible questions you may have, the owner must fill out WJD Management’s agreement form and pay their account reserve fee. After the account is all set up, all you have to do is fill out a property management24 information form, review the vacating recommendations checklist and fill out the IRS W-9 and Lead Paint Disclosure forms. After your rental property is in WJD Management’s hands, all you have to pay is the agreed upon monthly fee. They also provide a useful bonus of a thorough property inspection every six months after the initial agreement is signed.

It seems like WJD Management’s customers are also very fond and impressed with the services that the firm provides them. Some reviews on their Yelp page rave about the responsiveness of the firm and accessibility of the staff. However, there are a few negative remarks about their online maintenance request system and their other digital offerings. Overall, it is clear that WJD Management is one of the property management leaders in Fairfax and is clearly worthy of a “Property Management Firm Fairfax VA Spotlight.”

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